Healthy Tips for Busy People

Easy hints for healthy eating

  • Replace soda pop and other sugary drinks with water and low fat milk. Pop has no food value, is hard on teeth, and replaces other items in kids’ diets (like low fat milk) which have the vitamins they need.
  • Cut down on fast food and try to make healthier choices when you do eat it – replace the fries and pop with the healthier options offered.
  • Turn off the TV – kids (and adults!) tend to snack in front of the TV.
  • Don’t use candy and sweets as a reward – instead do something fun as a family when your kids deserve a treat!

Healthy Meal Planning

It’s easy to eat healthy with a little planning! The key is to plan meals ahead of time and have the ingredients ready to go so you don’t have to stop at the store again. My favorite hint is to cook more than you need and freeze the extra for a meal later in the month.