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The mission of the McMillen Center for Health Education is to provide vital, effective preventive health education that promotes physical, emotional, and social well-being.

Founded in 1981, the McMillen Center for Health Education is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and one of fewer than 30 such health education organizations nationwide.  The Center is recognized as the number one resource for health education in the Northern Indiana region – reaching nearly 40,000 youth a year. We are housed in a 16,000 square foot facility with five themed teaching theaters, a 125 seat auditorium, and a Great Hall with various hands-on displays. We have 12 full- and part-time staff members.  Our five professional educators all hold a four-year degree in either education or a health-related field.  To date, the Center has provided fact-based health information and education to over 1.5 million children and teens.

We provide 76 programs on general health; safety; HIV/STDs; drug/ alcohol/ tobacco use prevention; nutrition and fitness; human growth and development; bullying prevention, and more. Sample program topics include the Kinderhealth program to teach children about maintaining their health, the Health Adventure program to teach third-graders the four keys of staying healthy, the Balance Your Act program to provide information to middle school students about the health risks and prevention of obesity; and the Breast Self Exam and Testicular Self Exam programs to provide teens with information on the early detection of cancer.

In order to best meet the needs of those we serve, the McMillen Center offers programs here at our facility, on site at a school or organization within 150 miles, and via interactive videoconferencing (IVC) with up to four classes at once in one of our two state-of-the-art IVC studios.

The McMillen Center has membership in the (ASHA) American School Health Association and the Northeast Indiana Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (NISTEM) Center.
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